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Tyler Acquires Jury Management Firm Courthouse Technologies

Courthouse Technologies is headquartered in Canada, but seems to have a bigger footprint in the U.S. It joins a Tyler Technologies suite of court software that already includes jury management.

by / November 1, 2019

Tyler Technologies, one of the largest gov tech vendors in the U.S., has acquired jury management software firm Courthouse Technologies.

Courthouse Technologies, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., provides a Web-based service for sending out summonses and questionnaires to potential jurors, providing self-service tools and sending out payments via PayPal. According to the company’s website, it provides its software via one line of code, meaning that all customers are on the same version.

“Courthouse and Tyler are both leaders in the courts and justice market,” Courthouse Technologies co-founder Scott Kerr said in a press release. “We are excited to become part of a larger company that shares our vision for technology in this space, our company culture, and our strong client retention rate.”

Tyler already has jury management software, called Odyssey Jury, as well as tools for e-filings, dispute resolution, case management and more.

Though it is headquartered in Canada, Courthouse Technologies appears to have a larger presence in the U.S. According to the statement, the company has a presence in 60 U.S. counties spread across 18 states, as well as two Canadian provinces.

The company and its employees will remain in Vancouver, and Kerr will become a business unit manager within Tyler.

Tyler, which is publicly traded, has made several acquisitions in the past year, including Socrata, SceneDoc, MicroPact and MyCivic.

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