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Motorola Solutions Creates Unified Public Safety Cloud Suite

The suite brings together a range of applications, allowing personnel to view 911 calls, dispatch activity, live video, records and jail activity in one place — part of a larger trend of unification in public safety.

A clip of live video integration in Motorola Solutions' CommandCentral suite
Motorola Solutions
These days, data is coming at law enforcement from all sides — body and dash cams, cellphone locations, license plate readers, reports and so on. So Motorola Solutions, a giant of law enforcement technology, is launching a cloud solution meant to bring it all into one place.

The CommandCentral suite acts, at its core, as a gateway to many different applications. It can bring together 911 dispatch activity with real-time video feeds, records such as incident reports and even information about what’s happening inside jails.

Those all tend to be separate systems, meaning it can be complex and time-consuming for any one person to manually stitch together a comprehensive view of a single case or incident. But the story in law enforcement tech in recent years has been one of APIs, integrations and unification.

“A public safety incident is highly fluid, and harnessing the variety, velocity and volume of data quickly and efficiently can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, Motorola Solutions’ CTO and senior VP of software enterprise and mobile video, in a press release. “CommandCentral places public safety personnel at the center, supporting the continuum of the workflow, so call takers, first responders and others involved in case resolution can easily share information, work as a team and make informed decisions, even under immense pressure.”

Broadly speaking, putting more information into the hands of emergency responders and dispatch means they’re likely better prepared for whatever situation they’re headed into. For example, the GIS functions within CommandCentral Aware — the suite’s situational awareness component — can pull in information such as traffic and weather conditions. For personnel headed to a scene, that information can help avoid delays.

“The 911 call is the start of a complex process requiring information sharing among call takers; dispatchers; fire, EMS and law enforcement units; real-time crime analysts; and investigators,” said Bob Finney, director of communications technology for the Collier County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office, in the statement. “Today’s systems aren’t designed with this process in mind and are clunky at best when dealing with the volume and influx of new data types. For public safety team members, every second counts and transitioning information quickly and completely across the workflow, so each individual can make informed decisions, is critical.”
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