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NICE Integrates Evidence Management With Magnet Forensics

The partnership of two products on the same cloud will bring in another integration of evidence management software, giving police the ability to review evidence in a single place rather than hopping between systems.

A fingerprint against a digital background.
NICE Public Safety and Magnet Forensics, two companies making evidence management software for law enforcement, have integrated two of their products, giving customers the ability to access data between products.

Through the partnership, NICE Investigate will be integrated with Magnet REVIEW. NICE Investigate was designed to pull together evidence automatically from various systems, and will now be able to do so from Magnet REVIEW. The product will also be able to notify users when the new evidence is available.

Such integration partnerships are especially common in the public safety tech space, where end users — police officers, largely — contend with many different systems in order to record and retrieve information. NICE Investigate, for example, pulls in data from computer-aided dispatch products, records management systems, body cam storage, automated license plate readers, gunshot detection sensors and more.

“Police agencies are burdened with an overwhelming volume of digital evidence from a variety of sources, which require their own specialized investigative tools and highly trained specialists,” said Magnet Forensics CEO Adam Belsher in a press release. “It’s slowing down their investigations and compromising justice. We’re partnering with NICE because we’re both committed to making our digital investigation solutions interoperable so that investigators can consolidate critical digital evidence and leverage analytics tools to complete their cases in a more timely and effective fashion.”

The process can run entirely in the cloud, since both products are on Microsoft Azure.

NICE Public Safety is an arm of NICE, a large Israeli tech company with a presence in more than 30 countries and a footprint in many industries.