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Level Set for 2022: Assess, Plan and Lean on Partners

Strategic planning is underway in state and local technology offices. Start with a detailed assessment, then build out your modernization priority list. And engage with the Center for Digital Government for support along the way.

The New Year rang in promise for government’s ability to start anew. Yes, there is a variant of this pervasive coronavirus, but this may just be our new way of life and we will adapt and move on. But how will government deliver the much-needed services people require? The answer will, in part, be by using technology to get the job done. Strategically planning is in full force. Expectations are high as budgets are being approved and federal funding is in the wings. We at the Center for Digital Government have been mapping out what needs to happen next.

As a start, it is time to assess exactly what you have. Get a handle on what legacy technologies are on the priority list for modernization to alleviate your technical debt. This is easier said than done knowing that there are so many issues on government’s plate. Will technology make the list? Will the allocated funding be enough to make a difference?

Now that the foundational assessment is complete, it is time to build the technology plan that will enable the mission to deliver quality services. This plan must address issues like funding, skill sets, organizational willingness, and leadership support. The logical next steps include an evaluation of the ability to deliver on what was promised: Do you have the right people to do the work? What people do you need internally and externally to be successful? What help do you need from technology partners in the market?

None of this advice is new to you and we are aware that you may already be far down the road on this process, but what do you need to help you assess, plan, and get it done? What tools are out there to help get it done?

The CDG has a number of resources that can help governments of all sizes. The robust CDG survey and awards processes are important tools that have been proven to give government technology professionals transparency into the great work being done in their organizations. The Digital Counties, Digital Cities, and Digital States Surveys combined with the Government Experience Awards are tools that can help governments level set and assess their current technology efforts while looking ahead to plans over the next 12 to 18 months. These comprehensive surveys provide a deep dive into everything technology.

In fact, the Digital Counties Survey launched on Jan. 20 and the Digital States Survey launched on Feb. 10. The Government Experience Awards launch in the spring while the Digital Cities Survey will launch this summer. The CDG also has office hours each Friday to talk about issues or give guidance on the counties and states surveys, or whatever everyone needs. The office hours link can be found in our FAQ document for the states survey. What do all of these initiatives have in common? These tools give governments the ability to assess the current state of their technologies across multiple categories ranging from cybersecurity to leadership alignment to data enablement and much more. The results provide leaders with an annual report for leadership with a road map to help guide them forward. Getting recognition for the team never hurts either when the budget negotiations begin.

Another opportunity is the ability to engage with the CDG on thought leadership and best practices. Many CDG events will be live in 2022 with a mix of virtual events to help round out the schedule. Digital Communities Virtual Workgroups will commence again in March and the Large City/County CIO Summit is coming to New Orleans in April. Digital States live events and summits are also getting ready to launch. The Digital Government Summits and IT Leadership Forums will begin soon. Check out our events page for more information.

The opportunities will be there so please join us in 2022. The CDG stands ready to help in any way we can.