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37 Routine Activities Ranked by Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Thus, there is the issue of COVID-19 hair!

by Eric Holdeman / August 2, 2020

Risk perception is a biggie in everything to do with hazards. The same it true for the coronavirus.

See this list that has been put together, 37 Routine Activities Ranked by Risk of COVID-19 Infection.

I don't have any serious heartburn with anything written on the list. Pretty common sense for everything I've read. However, I'm betting that lots of people will look at the list and take exception, because something on it is a priority in their life and they have categorized it as "not risky."

Next week, we have out-of-town family coming to our "home/yard."  Here's the plan:

  • All activities are outside
  • Everyone will wear masks and face shields
  • 6 feet social distancing is required
  • Everyone brings their own prepared food -- no going in the kitchen ...
  • No hugs, etc. 

Hopefully it will be good weather!



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