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A Grand Social Experiment by Governors

What's in it for the lab rats?

by Eric Holdeman / April 23, 2020

Screw the scientists, I know better! I recall when I ran for port commissioner I ran into a woman who was not a fan of global warming theories. As she relayed to me, "You know they do those studies with computers!" I felt fortunate to have been warned of that fact.

Yesterday I posted this The Next Year (or Two) of the Pandemic, which is a very science- and history-based prognosis for what we can expect in the months to come. Then today an opinion piece from CNN has this, When Denver backed off social distancing in the 1918 pandemic, the results were deadly.

And then of course, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shared, CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating.

When you hear people saying things like:

  • I think
  • I feel
  • I believe
  • I need

They have the right to believe and think anything they want. It is a free country! However, a 21st-century phenomenon is that people are confusing what they believe with facts. I may believe that I am a seven-foot-tall Chinese woman, but it doesn't make me one!

The governors in several states who are opening up their states from social distancing are experimenting with the lives of their citizens. Some of those citizens are very happy to be "lab rats" and so I wish them well. 


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