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America Is Suffering from Withdrawal

Our national goal these days is to "Go it alone!"

by Eric Holdeman / June 11, 2020

Having pushed regional collaboration, coordination, information sharing, partnerships, etc., within the realm of emergency management for many years, I've noted the current administration's penchant for "bagging it" and abandoning international agreements or in some cases just threatening to stop participating.

See this link for a list of "withdrawals" List of 12 Organizations, Treaties and Agreements.

The technical term normally used is "isolationalism." This is a recurring phenomenon in the modern history of the United States. For example, there were strong forces in the United States lobbying for America to stay out of the war in Europe when England alone stood against Nazi aggression. It was only the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that smothered those efforts. 

Yes, agreements, like marriage, puts limitations on the actions of people and organizations. Free individual will and a "me first, me only" sounds good to some, but for the good of the collective effort of a people and a nation, agreements can be a very good thing. I understand why a narcissist might disagree, but then -- that is what makes them a narcissist.


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