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An 'I Told You So Moment' for Australia

The fire experts were right.

by Eric Holdeman / January 13, 2020

I expect that there is little consolation for the people who were interviewed for this story — back in April 2019, Former fire chiefs warn Australia unprepared for escalating climate threat.

The elements of this "I told you so" story have all come to the fore:

  • Wildland fires in Australia are getting bigger and more dangerous
  • Climate change is not being addressed in the country
  • More than lip service is needed on climate action
  • The government is putting people's lives at risk
  • There is a call for national firefighting resources
  • Air tankers are needed for firefighting

As I reflect on what Australia has been dealing with for the current fire season and continuing today — it appears they hit the nail on the head when calling out the deficiencies revealed by their 2019-2020 wildland fires. 

Is there satisfaction in being right? Likely little because "being right" has meant great suffering within the nation. People, property and wildlife. 

Now in the news today is this, Australia’s Leader Calls for Inquiry Into Government Response to Fires. Basically he wants to look at the "tactics" of the current firefight and not so much the strategy that might mitigate future fires. He, by the way, was one of the legislators' who brought a lump of coal to the legislature back in the day. 

You will know that climate change is a high priority when the long-term health and welfare of a people is no longer being trumped by money and politics. As some have said in the past, "There is no Planet B!"


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