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Australia Declaring War on Wildfires

They are committing more military assets to the firefight.

by Eric Holdeman / January 4, 2020

Two hundred fires, 11 million acres already burned — and, the traditional height of the fire season is during their summer with January and February being the months they typically experience the worst fires. See Australia’s fires intensify as prime minister calls up army reservists to help contain the crisis.

The navy is rescuing people fleeing fires off of beaches and the army will assist with areas being evacuated or those areas where fires have already swept through with great destruction.

One of the key things to note is that the majority of those fighting the wildfires are volunteers. It would appear that they don't have a robust professional wildland firefighting capability — as a nation. 

I have been expecting to see reports of United States fire assets being deployed to assist Australia. They have traded teams in the past with each nation sending teams to help the other. Most notably, with Aussie teams assisting California — as I recall.

The article also calls out that the government is now beginning to contract for larger firefighting aircraft. I'm not sure that they will go for the SuperTanker, but it is the type of effort that the prime minister's citizens are expecting their government to take.

Lastly, the climate change debate is "heating up" because of the fires. Australia is a major coal exporter, and so there has been and will continue to be a clash between what is good for the economy and jobs and then there are the changes they are experiencing during this fire season brought on by extreme temperatures. 

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