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Business Impacts in Oregon and the Northwest from COVID-19

Impacts are across the board, but tourism is especially hard hit.

by Eric Holdeman / May 5, 2020

This is a good snapshot of the business impacts in Oregon. See COVID-19 Business Survey Results.

Likely there are similar impacts where you live and work.

Here are some more highlights from FEMA:


  • Seafaring capacity may soon reach an inflection point as crew changes become more difficult which will have an impact on U.S. shipping imports/exports. Travel restrictions and containment protocols have prevented waiting crews from boarding ships entering ports and disembarking crews from traveling home.
  • With recent pork processing closures, 25-30% of U.S. pork capacity is offline.
  • Each day pork processing facilities are closed at the current level, an additional 100K animals will be added to the euthanasia amount.
  • Trucking capacity remains high and carriers are accepting loads at lower rates than average to ensure they remain in the market.
  • Imports at major U.S. container ports continue to experience the impacts of lowered demand. Shipments from China are 22% down from the prior year.
  • Compared to this same time in 2019, restaurant average revenue is down 45% (Washington), 44% (Oregon), 23% (Idaho) and 10% (Alaska).
  • Compared to this same time in 2019, grocery store average revenue is up 76% (Washington), 51% (Idaho) and down 11% (Oregon) and 1% (Alaska).
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