Climate Change Impacts — on Opposite Ends of the Globe

Both involve water and, in the end, people.

by Eric Holdeman / November 19, 2019

Two news articles popped up into my inbox in recent days. First, there is this one, Venice submerged by highest tides in half a century.

And then, this from Japan, The climate chain reaction that threatens the heart of the Pacific.   

First there is the ocean water temperature story. The lessons from this — for me — are:

  • Climate change impacts are not going to be the same worldwide. Some areas of the globe will become hotter faster than other parts. 
  • An impact in one area of the globe will have ramifications for other parts of the globe that are interconnected — even if it is not immediately obvious.

As for Venice, I can hear some climate deniers saying, "The water was higher before this!" To that, I say:

  • Listen to the mayor. He has ownership of the issue and he understands the full ramifications to the city he governs and loves. 
  • You can do some things to adapt, but wooden planks and rubber boots will only go so far. Eventually the impacts of more frequent and eventually continuous flooding will take its toll on people, buildings and the economy.

I do hope to live long enough to see how much of the climate change plays out and when "Flat Earthers" come around, or age out and die. 

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