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Counting COVID-19 Cases--The Challenges of Statistics

If you can't manage the disease, maybe you can manage or manipulate the data.

by Eric Holdeman / July 14, 2020

Trust is at an all time low -- at least that is the way it seems.

There is this article today based on New York Times reporting, White House reportedly orders hospitals to bypass CDC during COVID-19 data collection.

I keep wondering if it can get any worse, and then it gets bad, badder, worse, and worster. 

Then there is this The Daily Podcast Counting the Infected from a few days ago. They note in the podcast that getting the data is not all that easy. The data tells the story for who is getting sick and where. 

In the notes with the podcast they highlight this:

"Background reading: The CDC figures provide the fullest and most extensive look yet at the racial inequity of the coronavirus. A Times analysis published in late May found that Democrats were far more likely to live in counties that had been ravaged by the virus, while Republicans were more likely to live in counties that had been relatively unscathed. A team of New York Times journalists is also working to track every coronavirus case in the United States, and The Times has made its data open to the public."


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