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COVID-19: A Request to Pause Rulemaking

This is an example for what a jurisdiction can do to help businesses.

by Eric Holdeman / May 5, 2020

Once you have them on the ground, you don't want to keep beating them up. That is, if they are businesses, trying to get back to being profitable and having "employed people" and on the payroll. 

That is the gist of this request, Employers call on governor to pause rulemaking during pandemic

This is the appeal being made to the governor of Washington state from the Association of Washington Business.

The issue is to be flexible enough in your governing to allow time for business to breathe and get back on their feet. 

For example, Nordstrom is in the news, Nordstrom is permanently closing 16 stores. Here's what we know about which locations could shutter. This is 16 out of 116 stores. It is another nail in the coffin for some retail malls that have been struggling. Before COVID-19 started to take its toll, the projection was that up to a third of all malls in the United States would eventually close as shoppers continue to move to online shopping in droves. The current situation that has forced people looking for clothing and other items of apparel to shop online and have their needs met are likely only to accelerate that process. 



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