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COVID-19: Florida's Infections top 15,000 on Saturday

Not the record you want to set!

by Eric Holdeman / July 11, 2020

The Wall Street Journal reported, New coronavirus infections topped 15,000 in Florida on Saturday, the largest one-day increase in any state since the start of the pandemic, while dozens of states around the country reported steady climbs in new cases as well.

While watching Meet the Press earlier today (Sunday) the question was asked, "Are we loosing the war against the coronavirus?" The answer was, "No, there are just challenges." If topping 60,000 infections per day is not losing, I don't know what losing would look like. 100K infections a day?

I'm reminded of the "Great and All Powerful Oz" from the movie the Wizard of OZ. Ignore the man behind the curtain! He is not responsible for anything that is going on. 

Another news story from today was in the Washington Post, Fauci is sidelined by the White House as he steps up blunt talk on pandemic   

There are degradations of truth around what is being said about the coronavirus here in the United States. To some, telling the truth is being blunt. What is sugar coating a response? Is it a lie? An exaggeration? 

The term "Fuzzy Math" has been used for people spouting suspect facts and figures when it comes to budgets and budgeting. When is "spinning" the numbers telling a lie? 

In the past few years the term "alternative facts" has come into use. It used to be, facts were facts. You might disagree on what they mean, but the fact remained just that, a fact. 1.5 million people filing for unemployment last week--is a fact. You can debate that things are getting better because of the decrease from weeks past, or proclaim calamity because the unemployment remains high.  The fact is the number--there is no alternative to it. 

OK, here's the good news--the daily death toll from COVID-19 is down. Likely due to improved treatments and an overall emphasis on nursing home safety. I'm watching to see what happens as the numbers explode for those sick and requiring hospitalizations. If you recall, people in New York were dying in the emergency rooms before even being admitted.  

Here's where we are today. The Fourth of July is only two weeks ago, so people are now starting to feel ill. In another two weeks many will need hospitalization and then, for some, a rapid free fall, needing intensive care, if they can find it. 

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