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COVID-19: Putting Reopening into Reverse Gear

A sign of the times. Choices have consequences!

by Eric Holdeman / July 14, 2020

Have that family reunion; go to the bar and hang out with friends; play contact sports, huffing and puffing with your buddies. ...  Plus, "Masks, what masks?"

See Coronavirus Live Updates from the NY Times (which I think you should be able to open). 

The biggest news of the day is that the governor of California is tightening the screws on reopening and backing off on actions taken in the past to get Californians "out and about" in his state. As noted in the article, Texas is likely to be another candidate for the same actions, and while not mentioned, Florida could be another state that will shut down aspects of their reopening. 

It turns out you cannot have your cake and eat it too. More on risk communications in another blog post.

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