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Earth Shaking News

It is about the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake fault.

I thought it was a good “turn of words” to update you on this story: “OSU researchers use 3D modeling to analyze earthquake risks.”

This is in regards to the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault that was only scientifically documented less than 40 years ago.

I’m always a bit amazed at how geologists can map our earth’s crust to understand plate tectonics. This latest research adds to what we know already — and there is a bunch more to learn. The “quest” to be able to predict when an earthquake might occur appears to be a bit in the future. Those that say they can predict earthquakes now are full of hogwash at this point. Now the best science is able to say is there is an X percent probability of an earthquake in the next 50 years, or something like that.

Perhaps with future instrumentation it will be possible. They tried it in the Parkfield Earthquake Experiment and there is evidently another effort underway again in California on the San Andreas Fault.
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