FEMA National Preparedness Report 2018

Assessing progress made and problems encountered.

by Eric Holdeman / November 15, 2018

Check out the FEMA National Preparedness Report 2018, which is introduced below:

"The 2018 Report details lessons learned from past emergency incidents and focuses on Persistent Preparedness Challenges that must be addressed in order to increase the Nation’s readiness for disaster. These challenges include the capacity to sustain an effective emergency response to a large-scale incident through operational coordination; challenges with the interdependence of infrastructure systems and the need to mitigate disruption to communities; lack of emergency housing during a disaster and slow rebuilding post-disaster; poor economic recovery and limited emergency assistance funds; and, threats to cybersecurity."

Are your ratings going "up" or "down," and in which categories? Cybersecurity remains a significant shortfall. 




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