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FEMA Switcheroo, Jeff Byard Is Out Pete Gaynor Is In!

Vetting the nominees is not a strong suit for the Trump administration.

by Eric Holdeman / September 19, 2019

In the last month or so, President Trump remarked when questioned about a person put forth as a nominee (for a different position), I nominate and you vet! He was speaking to the media when he made the above remark about a nominee who withdrew for problems in his background.

This process has perhaps, once again, come back to haunt the administration. See, White House to withdraw Trump's nominee to head FEMA.

It appears that the rumor I had heard was true, FEMA Rumor: Who Will Be the FEMA Administrator?

This means that Pete Gaynor is likely the new nominee for FEMA administrator. Likely they have confidence in him since he has been the person holding the reins at FEMA while the previous nomination process was underway. And, there have been no FEMA stumbles or fumbles with him being in charge. 

Claire Rubin shared the link above.

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