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Hacking Your Voice

Another "hackable" element that involves you.

by Eric Holdeman / December 31, 2019

Usually we are talking about hacking bank records, Social Security account information, etc. Today I listened to this Hidden Brain Podcast: Finding Your Voice.

Voice technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Anyone who "talks to Alexa or Siri" has found a companion and a resource. It's not perfect, but getting better all the time. When they talk about Amazon listening in to our conversations at home, at least there is "someone" who listens to me!

The podcast might start a bit slow for people wanting to get to the heart of "hacking a voice," but it is worth listening to the entire podcast to achieve the understanding, the background and how 90 years after the first semi-functional system, we have arrived at the point we are at today.

The last 5-8 minutes are spent on the ability to hack someone's voice. With this new capability, it will be possible to have a famous person, perhaps a politician, say anything you want them to say — in their voice.

All of the above will further muddy the water on where truth begins and ends. The ultimate result will destroy more trust and perhaps even endanger your bank account. 

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