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Hurricane Hanna Comes and Goes Over the Weekend

First came COVID-19 and then hurricane and wildfire season.

by Eric Holdeman / July 26, 2020

We are just now entering the disaster season of hurricanes and wildfires. Both have not been in the news to compete with demonstrations and the coronavirus. 

Texas got a "touch" of what it will be like to deal with both COVID-19 and a hurricane. COVID-19 makes a hurricane almost feel welcomed. It at least provides a warning, it comes and goes and you pick up the pieces of your life. COVID-19, while we had a warning, the United States did not take full advantage of the warning to become better prepared or to have a nationally coordinated response.

It is old news now, but see this, Hanna makes landfall on coronavirus-stricken South Texas. If you are an emergency manager on the Eastern Seaboard or the Gulf of Mexico, you need to have your Hurricane-Coronavirus public messaging figured out in advance. Then, there is also the issue of evacuation, shelters, social distancing, feeding, cleaning, testing, treatment, damage assessment and recovery. 

As we used to say in one military unit I served in, "It makes it haarrrder!" A lot harder!

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