Job: Business Position, Emergency Management Coordinator, Los Angeles

I noted one interesting quality, performance in a crisis.

by Eric Holdeman / January 14, 2020

See this job posting for an Emergency Management Coordinator in L.A.

I found this one quality they are looking for of interest: "You're experienced in handling sensitive information and keep a calm demeanor when dealing with high-pressure situations." It wasn't the sensitive information that caught my eye, it was the "calm demeanor when dealing with high-pressure situations."

So far, I've never met anyone who says they are not good under pressure. The self-image, in the majority, is that people look in the mirror and see this strong, motivated individual staring back at them who can handle any situation. 

One of my observations is that the more a person believes that they are "really good" in crisis situations, the less likely that is to be true. I've had bosses and subordinates who, if you squeezed them with stress, they would pop like a pimple! 

I'm thinking about two people in particular. One could spin himself up, like-a-top in non-pressure situations, maybe because he became so animated. The other would describe himself as a great leader in crisis situations and even have a story about how he acted decisively, but when pressure was applied, the worst tendencies and behaviors of his personality would come roaring out. 

Good luck finding out the true ability of a person to handle pressure. Likely that would be best answered by references who have worked, in pressure situations, with the individual. 

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