Job: Washington State Department of Transportation--Exercise and Training

An opportunity to join a small team.

by Eric Holdeman / January 28, 2020

I remember when Washington State Department of Transportation established its first emergency manager position. It was around 1994. The Recovery Coordinator from the State Emergency Management Division moved over to start the new function at the department. 

Now they are adding another position — see below. Not mentioned is that Cascadia Rising 2022 Exercise is on the horizon so there will be lots of work to be done to coordinate how the department participates in this National Level Exercise.

"WSDOT is currently seeking to fill an Emergency Program Specialist 3 position which will be stationed out of the WSDOT Headquarters building in Olympia, WA. This position is responsible for ensuring that the agency is ready and able to respond to and recover from any disaster or emergency by managing the Training and Exercise Program for the Office of Emergency Management."

Note the pay difference is significant from the Seattle position that was posted recently. But then, the cost of living will be much less in and around Olympia. 

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