Leading Millennials

There are now three generations in the workplace.

by Eric Holdeman / February 25, 2014

Previously I've shared a link and commented on the book Y-Size Your Business  And, since I know most of you are probably not reading it, instead here is a link to 5 Tips for Managing Millennials that comes from Government Technology Magazine 


I changed the title from "managing" to "leading" because I think you manage budgets and projects, you lead people, hence the term "Leader."  For the first time in history we have three generations of people in the workplace.  This comes at a time when there are significant generational differences in the way we were raised and the culture that shaped our being.  


Just a couple of for instances for you.  Basically everyone I knew wanted to drive and was driving when they were 16.  Not true today.  I started working part time jobs when I was 16.  Many college graduates have not worked anywhere until they graduate from college.  We have had different experiences.  


Here in the office where I work we were talking about famous personalities.  The Gen Y'ers had never heard of Euell Gibbons, or Will Rogers.  I on the other hand have never heard the music of Macklemore, although I've at least heard the name.  As I was told, "You can't miss his music, it is everywhere."  I've missed it!  Not something they play on the Oldies station.


As the linked article points to the five key points, look at how your experiences match-up and be a bit more careful and deliberate when communicating with millennials.  You just might not be on the same sheet of music.  





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