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Move Cybersecurity Up Higher on Your To-Do List

Forget impeachment, this is where to concentrate some effort.

The National Infrastructure Advisory Council warns that we are not doing enough to counter the cyberthreat against our national infrastructures. 

See Infrastructure Council Warns Trump That Chance to Thwart a Cyber 9/11 ‘Is Closing Quickly.’

Some time back, I wrote about Black Swan events and how the majority of mega-disasters that we call "Black Swan" were actually very predictable, just not expected.

This is how I'm feeling about the cybersecurity threats that abound these days. Is it possible to procrastinate longer — yes, absolutely! It is, in fact, the easiest course of action since it requires no additional effort on our collective parts. 

What we all know about procrastination is that it almost always comes back to bite us. Missed opportunities to do "minor repairs" become total disasters later when the time available to correct a problem has been wasted. 

I am not hopeful that any meaningful prioritization of this work will come from our president. It is a topic he is not concerned with one iota. While others in the administration can push the message, it is not the same as having leadership emanating from the top.

Therefore, let us redouble our personal efforts. Lead from the bottom as emergency managers are wont to do on any number of topics and make a difference, when and where you can on the subject of cybersecurity of our critical infrastructures. 

Steve Myers shared the link above. 


Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.