New Wisconsin State Emergency Management Director Named

How much direct experience should be expected for a state director?

by Eric Holdeman / July 15, 2019

See this article, Gov. Evers Appoints Darrell Williams to Head Emergency Management.

Taking nothing away from his career in education and the military, is Darrell the right guy to head a state emergency management office?

Someone once told me that emergency management will not be considered a profession until only professional emergency managers are appointed to lead agencies. For instance, would you ever expect to see a fire chief be appointed police chief? Would the head of the building department come from education?

I do think that in 2019, with all the people who have worked in emergency management in Wisconsin and across the nation, the governor could have selected a person who has emergency management credentials. 

Note this: It does prove that it is not what you know, but who you know. If you recall, the current governor used to be the Wisconsin Secretary of Education, thus that is likely how he and Darrell connected. 




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