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New Zealand Earthquake Is a Reminder of What Is to Come to the Pacific NW

An 8.0 earthquake in the ocean is not to be ignored.

by Eric Holdeman / March 4, 2021

(Thursday, March 4th)

Sometimes I'm asked if this or that earthquake is/was a wake-up call? I call them "Snooze alarm" earthquakes. People wake up, hit the "I don't need to do anything button" and fall back to sleep, ignoring whatever warning message that might have been sent.

See this from today, Pacific Quake Sets off Tsunami, Threat Lifts in New Zealand

No need to worry. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are back in the window for a subduction earthquake on the Cascadia Fault Zone, but hey--it could be another 200 years from now. 

It is kind of like keeping maintenance up on the water system in Jacksonville Mississippi. We can defer maintenance and replacement for a long time before anything bad happens, and then--people can get by by collecting rain water or, if they have water, boil it for safety purposes. 

You know it is very expensive to replace these systems and we don't want to jack up the price of water just to maintain the system. Just like Texas, hey, we love cheap electricity--until the system was never winterized and there are problems. 

Back to earthquakes. I'm wondering how much more money we will invest in a tsunami warning system for the Pacific Northwest--right after the Big One hits? Hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps?  

Here is a federal House bill from 2005 (right after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami). I don't know to what degree money was actually appropriated. 

Lastly, here is an earthquake reference for you. Shared by Murray Lorance.

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