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Oops! There Isn't an Emergency After All

Another alerting mistake is made — this time in Ontario.

by Eric Holdeman / January 13, 2020

This time it is Canadians who got an errant message early in the morning, see Canadians got an emergency alert about a nuclear power plant incident. It was sent in error, the plant says.

One of the issues that can lead to more errant alert messages being sent is the fact that, today, there are many more systems in place. Most of the new systems are proprietary and tied to individual jurisdictions and facilities. However, as we saw in the "missiles are coming" message in Hawaii, the tried and sometimes "not so true" Emergency Alert System (EAS) is only as good as the operator behind the controls/keyboard. 

I'm sure they will quickly be able to determine what went wrong. Likely an operations person, dinking around and checking things out, maybe even rehearsing how a message would be sent. Practicing, as it were, but then there is the "oops" part.

The goal is not to limit the number of fingers in the mix, but to ensure that there is adequate and supervised training that makes alert messages and the operation of the systems that send them a key piece of your program. 

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