Preparing for the Next Major Disaster Takes a Backseat

I have to say — I loved Y2K for being a defined date for a potential disaster.

by Eric Holdeman / January 10, 2020

Getting decision-makers in business or government to take proactive steps toward disaster readiness and resilience for their organizations can be a challenge.

See my Op-ed in the current edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal, Opinion: Twenty years after Y2K, preparing for the next major disaster takes a backseat

Hopefully, there will be maybe one (1) person/leader who takes this to heart and:

  • Starts asking questions within their own organization about the level of readiness
  • Networks with others who are peers to see what they and their organizations are doing
  • Benchmarks their efforts to what other like organizations are doing
  • Checks the budget to see what the dollar investment is going toward disaster resilience
  • Asks the Risk Manager for their organization about insurance coverage and financial risks
  • Inquires among his direct reports what their personal "business continuity" plans are detailing
  • Reports on the organization's readiness to their board of directors

Any of the above would be positive steps forward.

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