San Francisco Activates Emergency Operations to ‘Ensure Public Safety’

I don't think this is premature at all.

by Eric Holdeman / January 27, 2020

Getting ahead of an event is key to being able to respond quickly. Thus, this story,
Coronavirus outbreak: San Francisco activates emergency operations to ‘ensure public safety.’

This illustrates what I wrote about earlier. Novel-coronavirus-2019 It is not over-reacting to the potential that this new coronavirus can bring to a community. 

I know that many emergency managers "don't want to be bothered" with Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activations because it puts you behind on your programmatic work. But this is where we can add value in coordinating a response and the sharing of information between agencies.

Jump at the chance to train your staff and also have senior leaders become confident in your abilities to handle an emergency. 

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