Small Business Administration (SBA) to Play Major Role in Responding to Coronavirus

It is the SBA that administers post-disaster loans to small businesses.

by Eric Holdeman / March 10, 2020

In disasters, there is one small federal agency that plays an outsized role in responding to disaster impacts to businesses. This is the Small Business Administration. If you have not heard of the agency and what role it plays day-to-day or in disasters, you might find this Disaster Zone TV show helpful in understanding their role, Disaster Zone TV: Small Business Administration Loans.

I hosted this show five years ago with the then-SBA regional administrator. I think he was the best guest I've ever interviewed for having knowledge and being able to articulate their function. Maybe a few things have changed, but likely not much. 

President Trump has already mentioned the possibility of making "low interest" loans to to small businesses as part of the federal government response to COVID-19. Expect to hear much more in the coming days. Note the emphasis on loans. You have to qualify to repay the loans before you get the funding, and it is a loan program, not a grant/free money. 

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