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The Most Powerful Person in Homeland Security

Even odd ducks quack.

by Eric Holdeman / May 21, 2019

Stephen Miller is an odd duck. He has always been the odd duck, in whatever pond he has swum in. He is exactly the type of person who you would not want to be a dictator. He is comfortable in his own skin and self-assured in his beliefs, no matter how wacko they might be. You will never hear him being described as a person with compassion or empathy. From a distance, he appears not to like dogs or small children.

Which brings me to this opinion piece, The Most Powerful Person in Homeland Security

I think that Miller fancies himself as a Niccolò Machiavelli as a superior intellect manipulating the strings of government to work his will upon the president and the administration's policies. He has all the markings of someone who was picked on in grade school and set about to "show them" what was what, and by being contrarian to the norms around him, has gotten the attention he so much desired, in high school, university and now the White House. The prominent figure in history I might compare him to is Grigori Rasputin who was rumored to have too much influence over the the last czar of Russia. 

I like the latter reference because of his influence over President Trump. He is certainly a superior intellect in some ways and the president is looking for ideas, tactics, way-out-there policies that gain him media attention and also might rile up his conservative base. 

To sum it all up, I'd like to quote President George Walker Bush, who was known to remark following President Trump's inaugural address (which Stephen Miller heavily influenced), "That was some weird shit!"

Whenever President Trump is out of office, Miller will have to find employment. I think the Heritage Foundation is a bit too staid and "mainstream conservative" for him. There could be Breitbart News or perhaps even Fox News. However, I think that even Fox News might tire of him and the slings and arrows that come their way for what he espouses. Either way, Miller will be a fixture in our American politics going forward. Someone is always looking for an alternative viewpoint and an outrageous comment — and he can deliver that. 

What will Stephen Miller's book title be? "You're Wrong and I'm Right" seems to fit!

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