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Super Bowl: The Next Danger Zone for COVID-19 Transmission

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and now the Super Bowl.

by Eric Holdeman / February 2, 2021

(Monday, Feb. 1)

Super spreader events don't need to be "huge" to be super spreader events. All it will take is small, intimate family gatherings that "people got away with" in the previous holiday season to have a Super Bowl Spreader Party! Let them proliferate and they will be super!

See this guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): "Safer Ways to Enjoy the Super Bowl."

The issue this time around is the spread of the other international variants of the virus. The British variant is in 35 states already and likely in the others too — it just hasn't been detected yet. Remember the one new variant is estimated to be 50 percent more transmissible.

Let's put a mark on the calendar two weeks (Feb. 22) after the Super Bowl and see if there is a spike in cases, then another week and a spike in hospitalizations (March 7). As far as deaths, well, there is no predicting that...


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