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Walmart Pitching Helping With Disasters to Support Truck Driver Recruitment

The altruistic nature of helping out in a disaster is part of their outreach.

by Eric Holdeman / February 2, 2021

(Monday, Feb. 1)

I heard a short radio ad today that came from Walmart seeking to recruit truck drivers to switch companies and to drive for Walmart. They opened with the idea that Walmart responds to disasters by delivering water and other disaster supplies to locations where there have been disasters, and in so doing they are helping people impacted by those disasters.

Tell me if you can remember when you heard a commercial company making a recruitment pitch that included helping communities experiencing disasters? I don't think so. Many a "wanna-be emergency manager" has told me they are attracted to the profession because they want to help people. Therefore, it a natural approach to use, that and being home every night to sleep in your own bed as a truck driver. 

The ad directed people to Drive For Walmart.

It is just another indication of the depth and breadth of disasters here in the United States and how disaster impacts are garnering more attention. 

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