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South Dakota Launches Immunization Tracking System

The South Dakota Department of Health has a new system to improve immunization coverage throughout the state. The platform allows health-care providers to securely track records and identify areas in need of attention.

Two people seated wearing stethoscopes around their necks, with the one on the right holding a smartphone in one hand while gesturing to a tablet on the table with the other, with a laptop open on the table in front of them. The other person is holding and typing on a tablet.
The South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) partnered with a company that specializes in vaccine monitoring technology to launch a statewide Immunization Information System (SDIIS).

The new web-based system, created by STChealth, allows health-care providers to securely report and track immunization records for patients to lessen the risk of missed immunizations.

The system will provide DOH with real-time data on immunization coverage rates, allowing the department to quickly identify areas within the state where immunization rates are low and take action to boost vaccination rates.

“The new immunization information system modernizes data to today’s standards by replacing an aging system,” DOH Immunization Program Manager Tim Heath said of the new platform. “This will make life easier both for people using the system at clinics and in state government.”

Privacy and data security were central considerations for the new platform, Heath noted, saying the agency has taken steps to protect patient privacy by centralizing the information digitally, with only necessary personnel having access to view or enter data into the system. The overall security of the system is tested regularly.

“Our data security is based on industry best practices and the system is monitored continually for threats,” Heath stated. “Clinicians can enter immunizations safely, directly into the system, and have access to [South Dakota]’s electronic medical record systems (EMR) information in one location.”

As health-care professionals and researchers extract and analyze the SDIIS data, DOH plans to utilize the findings to connect clinicians across the state to collaborate more effectively during public health emergencies.

“The data provides more options to work directly with clinics on strategies to improve vaccination coverage and more opportunities to work within communities,” Heath said.

Looking toward the future, the agency plans to expand the capabilities of the SDIIS, Heath said. Future iterations of the system will include a school nurse module to allow schools to determine how well-vaccinated their students are as well as a patient portal that allows direct access to immunization records.

“We are excited to launch this brand new system in South Dakota as it will continue to enhance the way we report and track immunizations in South Dakota,” Cabinet Secretary Melissa Magstadt said in a recent press release. “Our partnership with STChealth brings this cutting-edge technology to our state to ensure quality assurance, the highest level of secured data, and ease of use while working to improve and prove awareness on immunization rates.”
Ashley Silver is a staff writer for Government Technology. She holds an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Montevallo and a graduate degree in public relations from Kent State University. Silver is also a published author with a wide range of experience in editing, communications and public relations.