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Using Modular Solutions to Modernize Medicaid — ICYMI

On this week's episode, John Campbell and Stacia Nowinski-Castro from Optum explore the promise modularity holds in helping agencies modernize, when it comes to Medicaid as well as procurement and other concerns.

Modernization is one subject we hear a lot about, especially at the state level, as both stakeholders and employees demand more modern experiences from their governments.

Prior to the recent pandemic, most states were already on a trajectory toward modernization of their legacy systems. Although some plans were put on hold while government responded to the immediate crisis, the pandemic provided them with a real-time assessment of how their current systems responded under pressure — helping agencies prioritize what else they needed to procure sooner rather than later.

In this changing environment, Optum's John Campbell and Stacia Nowinski-Castro recognize the need to establish a people-focused approach and see modularity as a potential game-changer for some providers and states.

On this week's ICYMI, they spoke with Dustin Haisler about expediting the procurement process, collaborating to make health systems work better for people and best practices which have been instrumental in helping agencies be successful with both modularity and the overall modernization of Medicaid.


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Dustin Haisler is the Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology's parent company e.Republic. Previously the finance director and later CIO for Manor, Texas, a small city outside Austin, Haisler quickly built a track record and reputation as an early innovator in civic tech. As President, Haisler drives exponential growth, implements new ideas and promotes a corporate culture that rewards creativity. Read his full bio.