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Jim McKay

Perimeter is an app that puts emergency managers in an advanced state of situational awareness, allowing them to share critical information like road closures and evacuation routes both internally and with the public.
The COVID delta variant is twice as contagious as the alpha variant and makes up 83 percent of COVID cases. Many of the new cases are coming from Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada and Florida, and infecting younger adults.
Deanne Criswell was recently confirmed as administrator at FEMA and brings a unique level of experience to the agency during a critical time when it’s being asked to do more in an increasingly challenging environment.
Automatic license plate recognition camera systems from Flock Safety are set up all around the country and can now be activated by an Amber Alert to alert law enforcement when they capture footage of a suspected vehicle.
Without a workforce and leaders who have those skill sets and an understanding of diverse communities, emergency managers won’t be able to reach their potential in mitigating the hazards that they face.
A new fire academy set to be unveiled this summer in Joplin, Mo., will offer candidates from several states the instruction they need to pursue a career in firefighting and give employers a pool of qualified candidates.