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Government 360 is not just about being smart today; it’s also about being predictive for tomorrow. The more data an agency produces, the more business intelligence it can gather, and the more predictive analytics can inform and improve government services. Get the complete story in January, and watch for our upcoming webinar, featuring analytic customers who are solving the problems of government, such as homelessness, welfare eligibility and budget planning.

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Downloads and Resources

Turning Data Into Insights in San Joaquin County
Predict and Prepare for the Future

Modern Cloud Predictive Analytics: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

Las Vegas Sets Future Vision With Oracle Analytics Cloud
California Department of Conservation: Finding the Needle in the Data Haystack
Hidden Value of Big Data

How to Get Started with Machine Learning and AI in Finance

Leading in Crisis

Stories of Public Sector Innovation in Turbulent Times

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About Government 360

Goodbye, green screen. Advances in technology have unlocked the doors to state houses and city halls in ways that were unimaginable 10 years ago. Government agencies are fast becoming digital and interconnected; constituents are instantly interacting with city and state employees, and devices – sensors, smart phones, wearables and cams - are providing a constant stream of digital data to help agencies transform the way they interact with citizens and employees alike.

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