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How is a shotgun-wielding drone able to fly indoors?

Answer: By using physics and AI in its favor.

a blueprint of a drone
While we’ve seen armed drones before (a nail gun may not technically make a drone “armed,” but it’s still dangerous), but this may be the first one specifically designed to operate indoors. The UK Ministry of Defense is currently working on two drones that can operate indoors while armed with shotguns.

Typically, a drone large enough to wield a shotgun would not be able to fly indoors due to a phenomenon called “wall suck” in which large drones crash while flying in small spaces because of the way they displace air. According to Digital Trends, the UK military says it has gotten around this problem thanks to a combination of developments with “physics and AI.”

These devices, which are currently being tested by potential users, are reportedly the first weaponized drones in the UK military. They were designed to be able to enter buildings in situations that would be dangerous for human personnel. The drones will also not be able to fire the shotguns they carry — only a soldier operating them would be able to do that.