The Harford County Sheriff's Office has started using drones for search-and-rescue missions and other tasks. The drones were purchased using seized resources from convicted criminals.
A drone industry alliance and a Syracuse hospital have successfully completed a year-long project to prove the feasibility of making fast medical deliveries — rooftop to rooftop — with drones.
Drones have captured images of bridges, mansions, lighthouses and other historic structures across Wisconsin and the Midwest in recent years, gathering data before the sites are razed and gone.
In an effort to increase transparency about emerging tech in police work, a new Minnesota law requires law enforcement agencies to submit annual reports about how they utilize and how much they spend on drones.
Drones might be a better solution for controlling mosquitoes in remote areas that ground vehicles have a hard time accessing.
In March an appeals panel ruled that township officials could not fly a drone over someone's backyard, take photos and use them to cite the homeowner for zoning violations, without first obtaining a warrant.
As of last month, the U.S. Air Force has started using virtual reality provided by a New York-based company to get hunter-killer drone pilots and sensor operators up to speed at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M.
The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office announced a new drone program to help with search and rescue cases. The devices are equipped with infrared cameras, which provide infrared radiation and night imaging.
The Texas county’s EMS now includes SPARTAN: a program using drones to assist first responders in various missions to improve public health and safety and give the department a better look at the big picture.
Thanks to a partnership with New Jersey-based company Drone Express, Kroger is gearing up to fly goods to customers through a new drone delivery pilot. The effort might produce as many as 100 new jobs.