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How many cocktails can this robot bartender make in an hour?

Answer: 120.

First lightsabers, now tending bar. What’s next, dancing? Oh wait, they’ve already done that.

There are no limits to what we humans will try to get robots to do for us. Robotics company Makr Shakr, aside from following the trend of dropping vowels from ordinary words to make their name look more modern/cooler, have invented a robot that can whip up cocktails in no time.

There are two iterations of the robot — Toni, a fixed unit that comes in varying configurations; and Bruno, a mobile unit that can be rented out for events. The robots were programmed using the arm movements of a human bartender and can make drinks at a rate of 120 per hour. To order, patrons simply use the Makr Shakr app to select from a list of premade recipes or create their own.

The company has units operating in a handful of cities worldwide including Las Vegas, Milan and Prague, as well as some Royal Caribbean cruise ships. And in November of last year they opened their first Robo Bar in Amsterdam, staffed entirely by Toni units.