What caused a delay during a recent congressional hearing?

Answer: Unwanted background music.

congressional hearing
One arguably good thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the entertaining video chat snafus that have resulted from everyone having to use such technology. From lawyers showing up as adorable kitties to the discombobulated heads of U.S. lawmakers, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

The U.S. House took the cake for funny video meeting issues again this week when a panel hearing had to take a brief recess on Monday due to random audio permeating their meeting. The hearing was for an Appropriations subcommittee on Energy and Water, but they had to pause for 20 minutes because the theme from the 2000 movie “Galaxy Quest” started playing, as well as music from The Village People.

According to Business Insider, the issue originated in the House Recording Studio feed, meaning that viewers could hear it but the lawmakers participating could not. “While the hearing itself was free of any disruption, HRS apparently decided to add a movie soundtrack over the discussion of energy and water projects,” said Appropriations spokesperson Evan Hollander.