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Why did Google just stop selling Glass headsets?

Answer: Wait, Google was still selling Glass headsets?

Google Glass
Google Glass is officially dead, and if you didn’t realize that it was still alive all this time, you’re not alone. Google originally introduced its Glass augmented reality headsets in 2013, after first unveiling a prototype in 2011.

Aside from their $1,500 price tag, Google Glass units never really caught on for a variety of reasons. First of all, they weren’t the most attractive-looking thing to wear. There were also numerous privacy concerns, since the devices came equipped with cameras and could therefore be used to take photos and videos of people without their knowledge.

It’s not all that surprising, then, that Glass was scrapped in 2015. But despite the roadblocks, Glass still had promise — later products like smartwatches and smart glasses proved that consumers wanted wearable tech, Google Glass as it was just wasn’t it. So Glass was resurrected again in 2017, this time in a business-oriented “enterprise edition,” and has been quietly living on under the radar ever since. Until now, when Google decided to officially kill Glass. Like it’s actually dead this time. Google has stopped selling units, and it will end support for the ones already out there in September.