IT Security Professionals Suffer Password Fatigue

Keeping track of passwords can be overwhelming, but who really wants to explore the alternative?

by / June 24, 2009

IT security professionals are not much better at using mobile device passwords than the rest of the population, according to a recent survey by Credant Technologies. Of 227 IT professionals surveyed, 35 percent don't use a password on their business phones and smartphones, even though they know they should. The sorts of information that IT professionals are storing on their mobile devices include personal and business e-mails, addresses, details of appointments and meetings and even credit card information, passwords and PIN numbers.

Credant VP of Operations and Co-Founder Andrew Kahl, said that an unprotected mobile device presents a significant risk for exposure of confidential information.

According to the IT security professionals surveyed, the worst culprits at addressing mobile security within their companies are typically the sales teams, followed by the board of directors and senior management. Human Resources comes out as the best at keeping their mobiles aligned to the corporate mobile security policy.