USAJOBS: Data Breach

The Monster database used by USAJOBS has recently become the target of attempts to illegally access sensitive information.

by / January 30, 2009

According to a statement issued by USAJOBS, the official job site of the United Stated Federal Government, the Monster database used by the agency was illegally accessed. Certain account and contact information was taken including user names and passwords, e-mail address, names, phone numbers, and other basic demographic information. Other sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers and personal financial data, was not accessed.

USAJOBS urges users to beware of phishing e-mail that may be sent out using a Monster e-mail account. USAJOBS never sends out unsolicited e-mail requesting that users confirm their username or password, nor do they ask users to download any software, "tool" or "access agreement" in order to use a USAJOBS account. Do not open these e-mail messages or download any attachments.

USAJOBS users may soon be asked to change their passwords upon logging onto the site in order to ensure the security of their information. Users may change their password at any time as a precautionary measure.