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Stories of the behind-the-scenes work of making state and local government IT run and about government services getting off-premises and into the cloud. Coverage includes adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms for core systems like enterprise resource planning and unemployment, as well as data center migrations and network buildouts.

Google Public Sector, a new subsidiary, will focus on governments that want to build better digital tools and processes and replace legacy systems. Amazon and Google increasingly are vying for public-sector clients.
The new digital evidence management platform was launched in the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office and now contains more than 100,000 digitized pieces of evidence. The digital evidence is often used in criminal trials.
One impact of the pandemic on the public sector has been the widespread embrace of cloud technologies. Now more than ever, state and local governments are turning to cloud providers for applications related to everything from security to storage to data analytics. Jim Helou, worldwide leader of business development for AWS Marketplace public sector, explained how a digital marketplace can enhance the procurement process.
A new survey from Rackspace Technology has found that government IT officials were more likely than the rest of the respondents to say they see a quick end to owning data centers. But there are obstacles.
Getting off the mainframe is a priority for New York CIO Angelo “Tony” Riddick as he transforms the state’s IT infrastructure. And he is looking to off-premises cloud services as a vital step on the road to modernization.
The public sector is facing changing cyber threats — not just because of remote work, but from increasing ransomware hacks and nation-state attacks as well. But there are also new tools ready to meet those challenges.
Katie Tobin was a fellow with the Truman National Security Project and worked in national security before joining Google. She discusses the innovative ways that technology is being used in today's hybrid workforce.
Policymakers had other plans for the building that housed the state’s main data center. But as Utah CIO Alan Fuller explains, IT is using the opportunity to advance its multi-vendor cloud plan.
Apple claims Rivos systematically poached more than 40 former apple employees over the last year. Some of the former employees allegedly stole chip design secrets from Apple to make Rivos a competitor in the market.
On this week’s episode of “In Case You Missed It,” the crew talks with Google Cloud’s Quinn Chasan about how adopting AI has become easier than many in the public sector realize — and how it’s already helping them.