With the federal government unwilling to take the politically charged step of creating or endorsing a universal digital health pass or app, several companies are trying to fill the void.
When the rush for unemployment insurance crashed government websites in 2020, we learned how to navigate traffic surges in a crisis. So why weren’t sites prepared to handle vaccine appointments?
Speakers at the Arizona Virtual Digital Government Summit examined how the pandemic tested existing digital infrastructure systems — and how it demonstrated the need for governments to evolve.
Whether it is maintaining the health and safety of the people or delivering services online, government's core competence is ultimately a matter of trust — just ask anyone living through the pandemic.
Economists at the University of California in Santa Cruz found that enrollment in the state's community colleges decreased by 12 to 15 percent last year. They believe that struggles with online learning played a role.
Marquette University is now the third private institution in Wisconsin to announce it will require students to be vaccinated, while the University of Wisconsin in Madison is considering a requirement for dorm residents.
Some experts place at least partial blame on COVID-19 for the recent onslaught of cyber attacks on public and private entities. Between May 2020 and May 2021, the FBI saw complaints about cyber crime jump by 1 million.
State agencies in Kansas must have a telework policy if they intend to continue allowing telework for their employees after June 13. Some believe telework can help agencies compete for talent with the private sector.
In an effort to create an alternative to in-person tours, the university has loaded a new virtual reality experience onto Oculus headsets that gives prospective students and visitors a run-through of the campus.
A survey performed in April by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit and nonpartisan health research organization, estimates that 54 percent of Americans believe "common misinformation" about coronavirus vaccines.