Digital Transformation

The play is a collaboration between students of design, computer science and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory in Chicago, along with theater director Jo Cattell and professional actors from the Goodman Theatre.
Recognizing that technology necessary for academic success is still too expensive for some students, Capital University in Columbus intends to provide iPads for each of its 2,600 students and staff.
A survey by the ed-tech company Instructure found parents and teachers are confident about tech-driven educational methods and tools, but concerns about digital equity and the efficacy of standardized testing remain.
Politically powerful AT&T, a very generous contributor to legislators' campaign kitties, opposes the governor's plan. So does the cable TV industry. They object to the state creating competitors.
Recognizing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student mental health, Philadelphia-area organizations and app developers created apps to help high school and college students cope with stressors.
Xavier University in New Orleans is one of 10 HBCUs (historically Black colleges and universities) to receive a $5 million grant from the tech giant for scholarships, hardware and other investments.
By integrating with course catalog software, its second acquisition this year, the learner engagement platform intends to make it easier for college students to plan and personalize their courses.
The tech company partnered with schools in Colorado and Texas during the pandemic to expand Internet access needed for virtual learning, a main concern of educators during the public health crisis.
The Center for Education Reform is raising funds to update, a social networking platform designed to connect ed-tech developers with the capital and tech teams needed to create new digital learning tools.
Part of a strategic partnership to help historically black colleges and universities modernize their digital infrastructure and cybersecurity systems, the money will go toward student financial aid and tech services.