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Electric Vehicles

Coverage of electric vehicle (EV) policy and use by government and consumers in the United States as jurisdictions increasingly incorporate electric cars, buses and other vehicles into government fleets to help meet climate change goals. Includes stories about electric vehicle infrastructure and battery development, hybrid vehicles, electric scooters and bikes.

In an 11-1 vote Thursday, commissioners with the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission approved an early-phase analysis of a 22-mile electric passenger rail system connecting north and south county.
Forth is developing a free online learning portal for cities, counties and other organizations looking for resources around how to plan and develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
GovTech's top stories from May and June 2022 covered everything from smart infrastructure and cloud technologies to insidious cyberattacks and ambitious electric vehicle policies.
The potential vulnerabilities found in charging stations run the gamut, from skimming someone's credit card information, locking a charging station or a network of charging stations or hacking into the larger electrical grid.
The expanding universe of electric vehicles seems to have a stranglehold on the broader transportation sector, but some in New Jersey are also looking to hydrogen power to fill the gaps electric bus batteries create.
A Sandia National Laboratories study determined that electric vehicle charging stations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. What might happen next — and how hard will this be to fix?
New limitations on the $7,500 tax credit for those purchasing electric vehicles have gotten the attention of car shoppers — and could have dramatic effects on buying or leasing decisions, according to new research.
Three companies were awarded a total of $260,000 from the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform to advance technology in the areas of bridge construction, electric vehicles and drone-operated deliveries.
On two short stretches of road near downtown Detroit, Mich., transportation officials plan to embed technology in the pavement that can charge electric vehicles while they’re being driven. Other places are not far behind.
As extreme heat events continue to test the power grid in parts of the U.S., the large batteries in electric vehicles are being seen as an opportunity to help smooth out consumer demand peaks.