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Federal Government

Recent cyber attacks against Ukrainian websites have focused global attention on the potential for wider online conflict. So what are the new cyber threats and potential scenarios to be prepared for?  
People who use the IRS digital portal will need to be prepared starting in the summer to submit a live video selfie and various documentation to make and view payments and access tax records.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants to take the fight to hackers by developing cybersecurity standards that outline how U.S. power grids can search for intruders within networks.
With President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation struggling to gain traction in Congress, supporters are touting the benefits of driving electric, a transition boosted by the large climate change-focused package.
The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded more than $2 million in contracts to two companies that will conduct unmanned aircraft systems research, some of which will take place at Grand Sky.
The structure — which replaces a hangar that is nearly 100 years old — will include a six-bay hangar, maintenance shops, administrative space and storage for parts, ground-support equipment and hazardous materials.
Neuralink, a brain implant company owned by Elon Musk, is looking for a clinical trial director and other positions. The talent search indicates that the company is inching toward implanting chips into human brains.
Federal lawmakers think a bill would annihilate a duopoly that Apple and Google hold on the mobile market. The two companies, however, have argued the bill will make it harder to protect users' privacy and security.
Yesterday, federal officials discussed which cybersecurity policies should take highest priority. Two suggestions involved mandatory incident reporting and addressing the semiconductor chip shortage.
The Maryland Department of Health said a ransomware attack is what disrupted its systems and services last month. Although officials didn't state much about the attack, they said the ransom wasn't paid.