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This somewhat new pivot from self-driving cars to self-driving trucks is the latest sign of how difficult it is to fully take our hands off the wheel, industry experts and researchers said.
Stack AV this week announced the launch of its autonomous trucking business in the city. The company leverages self-driving technology to improve efficiency and enhance safety in the trucking industry.
Pittsburgh Public Schools requires facilities without air conditioning to move to remote learning when the heat index exceeds 90 degrees, and 38 of its 54 schools did so this week due to a heat wave hitting the city.
While the continuation of Pittsburgh's pilot program with battery-powered scooters has been frozen by a state budget impasse, it may restart soon with fines for the program operator for letting scooters lay around.
The city has signed a 10-year, $39 million contract with Axon Enterprises for the latest models of body cameras, in-vehicle cameras and Tasers as they become available.
Pittsburgh Public Schools this week rolled out protocols for schools without air conditioning to deal with extreme heat. A day later, 40 facilities shifted to remote learning as local temperatures soared into the 90s.
A push to extend Pittsburgh's e-scooter program — and to allow similar programs in other cities — advanced in the state Legislature on Wednesday but faces opposition from the governor’s office.
The Move PGH pilot project in Pittsburgh has provided some 1 million scooter trips, with about a third of those replacing a trip by car. The pilot uses "equity zones" to make these trips more accessible to all residents.
A laptop-building seminar for younger Florida students is a highlight of Remake Learning Days, an initiative to bring computer literacy and other learning opportunities in STEM subjects to low-income communities.
Pittsburgh is slated to receive more than $1.5 million in state grant money for new electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and compressed natural gas trucks.